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How to stop floor squeaks thru carpet

Bob Schmidt shows you how to fix, repair and improve squeaky floors beneath your carpet. He shows you a method of how to find floor joists even when there is no access below to find location. A noisy or squeaky floor needs to be tightened to keep from having creaking or squeaking when you walk across it. Screwing the floor through the carpet must be done carefully as to not damage the carpet. This repair will immediately quiet the floor.


Tightening squeaky stair treads risers

Easy way to stop some squeaky timber stairs. This tutorial shows marking the riser face on tread using a template, drilling pilot holes through tread, and screwing down into riser. If possible also screw up into riser from below, if no soffit under staircase. You may also want to tighten under the riser of lowest stair by wedging under riser with shim of wood and PVA, then chisel off surplus wedge when PVA is dry. These techniques are suitable for stairs that will be carpeted or filled/painted. Not suitable for stairs that will remain bare.


Raspberry Pi 3 + Retropie 3.6 + N64

Showing the more challenging side of N64 emulation on the Raspberry Pi and demonstrating the runcommand Menu for RetroPie

I promise if I make a 3rd video I’ll get better lighting….

Cruisin’ USA w/gles2rice
Star Wars: Shadows of the empire w/gles2rice
Mario Tennis w/gles2rice

Raspberry Pi overclocked to 1.35GHZ
Overclock blog post: http://www.philtopia.com/?p=2187