Fix Squeaky Floors with the Squeeeeek No More Floor Repair Kit — by Home Repair Tutor

How do you fix squeaky carpeted floors?

This video is part of a blog post that shares how to use the Squeeeeek No More floor repair kit. This kit allows you to stop creaky carpeted floors without removing the carpet & padding.

You’ll discover that this quick weekend DIY project is easy and affordable.
If you’d like a complete supply list along with photos and complete instructions visit my blog post on this topic at


6 reaktion på “Fix Squeaky Floors with the Squeeeeek No More Floor Repair Kit — by Home Repair Tutor”

  1. Where can I buy this at? We have a squeaky floor in our walk in closet -second floor. It's pretty close to the edge of the carpet or the wall. I was wondering if I could just pull they carpet back and screw into the joist and cut the screw head flush and just push the carpet and pad back into place???

  2. Brian, is there a possibility that your carpet is laid over poured cement even though it's a second floor room. Several of our older homes here in Pittsburgh have 3 inches of cement in bathrooms and this was done to provide a good bed for tile. The other possibility is that you have oak hardwood floors under the carpet. Drilling with a standard drill bit will likely tear up your carpet even more so I wouldn't recommend doing it until you determine the subfloor material.

  3. I tried this and could not drill the joist finder or any of the supplied screws past 1/4 inch through the floor. And the joist finder got hot and tangled up the carpeting resulting in a hole, so I stopped. I have a brand new 18V cordless drill, so I don't think it's the drill. Should I try pre-drilling pilot holes through the carpeting once I find the joists?


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