How to stop floor squeaks thru carpet

Bob Schmidt shows you how to fix, repair and improve squeaky floors beneath your carpet. He shows you a method of how to find floor joists even when there is no access below to find location. A noisy or squeaky floor needs to be tightened to keep from having creaking or squeaking when you walk across it. Screwing the floor through the carpet must be done carefully as to not damage the carpet. This repair will immediately quiet the floor.


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  1. I loved your video…being a landlord for 25 yrs…when you hear a squeak under carpet you think oh no…do I have to tear up the whole floor so I don't hear the tenant over my head…???>  thanks so much…the answer is so clear how to do it….xoxoxo

  2. Eek!    I've just got a new lounge carpet down, so don't fancy drilling loads of holes in it.     Also, we have no basement to go into underneath the subfloor……..reckon I'll need to put up with the squeaks.      The annoying thing is, I paid a local joiner to stop the squeaks "before" the carpet was laid……..sadly he didn't do it properly.

  3. I used the kit "no more squeak floor" (home depot, $20 for carpet) but it did not work!  I did it correctly for sure. The joists are 21 and 24 inches apart — My home is 27 yrs old.   So, WHAT ELSE DO YOU SUGGEST?   Thank you much.

  4. Huh? what kind of flooring is that? Paper floor? Here it's made with reinforced concrete, same as the walls.
    No wonder houses are torn apart by a gust of wind.

    I know houses are built different in USA than in Europe, Here we use a lot of concrete, or masonry clay bricks, or cement bricks, or white masonry bricks.
    Every house has a stone/brick/concrete foundation dug at least 1m into the ground, and upper floors are made from reinforced concrete (add a mesh of heavy duty rebar supported on the walls and pillars, add wood planks/panels underneath supported by temporary scaffold and mix a lot of cement, sand, water, CaO, and other stuff to make strong cement and fill that slab, vibrate it on top to make it smooth and airfree, or rent a cement truck and a cement pump. After a while remove the wood panels underneath. The slab is held by the rebar supported on walls and pillars all around it (where special precautions are taken care of like gussets, tyrants, pretension cables, etc to keep it tight and supported) )

  5. A buddy's house was broken into while sleeping. The person was awakened only due to a squeaky spot on the floor! That allowed enough time to jump up and startle the intruder who then ran away. So actually, floor squeaks may be life savors and not so bad afterall.

  6. Buy a Squeeeeek No More kit that provides everything you need–elegantly!
    If the carpet is staying in place, a Squeeeeek No More kit will allow you to drive special snap-off screws right through the carpet. The kit includes screws, a feeler bit to find joists, and a special fixture to set the screws to the correct depth.
    See This Old House video about it:,,20334552,00.html


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