Tightening squeaky stair treads risers

Easy way to stop some squeaky timber stairs. This tutorial shows marking the riser face on tread using a template, drilling pilot holes through tread, and screwing down into riser. If possible also screw up into riser from below, if no soffit under staircase. You may also want to tighten under the riser of lowest stair by wedging under riser with shim of wood and PVA, then chisel off surplus wedge when PVA is dry. These techniques are suitable for stairs that will be carpeted or filled/painted. Not suitable for stairs that will remain bare.


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  1. nice video.. cheers for the time and effort for putting this video up.. unlike all the people whith negative comments.. why dnt u just make at video and show how its done.. lol.. peace…

  2. Decking screws are designed for a very similar application, so work well for tightening stair treads. Decking Screws 4.5 x 75mm might be good. Shank (non-threaded part of screw) should be approximately the same length as the thickness of tread, as the thread should grip the riser and but NOT grip the tread. The screw head will pull the tread down hard, which is what you are trying to achieve. You should drill pilot hole through tread, to reduce chance of cracking the tread.

  3. We had a loft conversion where one of the first jobs that the builder did was to fit the stairs.  When the builders finally finished we found that the new stair case was squeaky and it's really annoying.  Would this fix the squeak?


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