Berri S905x Android media Box.


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Turn your TV into a smart TV. Enjoy the entertainment from all over the world. Android on your TV. Install your favorite apps from the Google Play Store. Thousands of apps are compatible with the Berri Smart TV BOX, just like your phone or tablet.
The CPU is Berri S905X Quad Core, is way ahead in image processing and computing. Its high machine configuration gives you ultra-fast running speed and professional image processing ability. Awesome home cinema and gaming experiences.
Hundreds of media/social apps online. The latest apps, it allows you to download numerous apps, like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and you also can play thousands of android games in a large screen smoothly. Install your favorite apps and enjoy advanced technology.
Built for Entertainment, Home Theater, Business Meeting, Office Work, Share with friends, Your movies, TV Shows, Music all at your fingertips. Online forums, tutorials, and videos are plenty. You want a TV media player to do exactly what you need and something less will just ruin the whole experience.


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