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wifi router that connects to your existing home broadband gateway e.g. from BT or SKY. It allows parents to manage Internet access by connecting their child’s devices to this wifi router whilst parents still use the existing home gateway. Parents are then free to create as many Internet timers as they wish across all their childs devices. Not just wifi access but also manages mobile data on smartphones as well, all from one place. Set a bedtime restriction and bedtime really is bedtime. Restrictions can be any time of day, any day of the week or multiple days. So set a homework timer for a set time every week day and all devices will have Internet restricted at that time on those days. Tech spec: Dual band 2.4 and 5ghz wifi, USB power supply, gigabit ethernet connection to home gateway, b/g/n/ac wifi, ARM core processorUsage timers to manage when your child has internet access
Manages Wi-Fi and mobile data any network anytime inside and outside the home
Pause the internet for specific or all child devices
Connects to your existing home gateway
Works with computers, tablets, smart TV’s and smartphones (3G and 4G controls currently Android only)


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