Need For Speed (Xbox One)




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Discover the nocturnal open world of urban culture car culture, driven by 5 unique ways to play and win, in this thrilling reboot of Need for Speed. Carve your own unique path, via multiple overlapping stores, gaining reputation on you journey to become the ultimate icon. Rich Authentic Customization:  Build a car that reflects your character through extensive visual and performance customisation. Five Ways to Play:  Need for Speed returns with 5 unique ways to play, Speed Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw, enabling you to earn reputation and ultimately win your way. West Coast Urban Setting:  Discover a nocturnal open world of urban car culture you never knew existed. Ventura Bay is your urban playground; from downtown, the harbour and the canyons, the city comes alive when you sleep. Please Note: Requires a permanent internet connection to playRich Authentic Customization
Five Ways to Play
West Coast Urban Setting


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