Techvision TVS-HDMI-EXTENDER 60 m 1080p Over Single HDMI Extender Repeater


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60 meter HDMI Extender Over single Cat 5E/6 Support 3D, 1080p
The extender uses single cat-5e or cat-6(recommended) cables instead of HDMI cable to transmit high definition signal up to 60 meters, cutting down the cost. The Extender is designed to supply for long distance transmission of high definition signal. Our devices offer solutions for noise, space and security concerns, data centre control, information distribution, conference romp presentation, school and corporate training environments.


support HDMI 1.4a
support 3D
support highest video resolution 1080p/60Hz
support 1.65Gbps data rate and times clock up to 165MHz
support 8/10/12 bit deep colour
support AWG26 HDMI standard cable input up to 15 meters, output up to 20 meters HDMI cable, it can extend the distance up to 60 meters between TX and RX
no loss of quality
install in minutes
need DC 5V/1A power supply

Package Includes:

1 x HDMI Extender Sender
1 x HDMI Extender Receiver
2 x DC 5V/1A Power Supply
1 x User Manual
60 meter HDMI Extender – Extend any audio/video HDMI connection up to 60 meter over single CAT 5E/6 cable
Full HD 1080P – This Extender supports 3D, HD resolution up to 1080P, HDMI 1.4a, 8/10/12 bit deep colour
Fast and Simple Installation – Save your time to manual setting and adjustment
Extender for your PC, DVD player, PS3, PS4, Sky HD Box, android box and etc…


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