Zipato Zipamini Smart Home Controller


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The Zipato Zipamini home automation controller manages all your Z-Wave enabled devices over the cloud. You can monitor and control your automated home from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet and computer screen. It comes included with easy-to-use but powerful web-based interface where you can monitor all connected devices and create your own automation scenarios using Zipato Rule Creator. The Zipamini Gateway supports a variety of communication standards including Z-Wave, ONVIF, IP and UPnP.

Easy to use but powerful cloud based Smart Home Gateway for home automation, security monitoring and energy management
Remote control your automated home (lighting, heating, security, shades)
Monitoring station included with SMS, Email and VOICE CALL alerting options
Easy but powerful web interface for rule creation and system monitoring
Zipamini can be controled over smartphone, computer or even TV screen


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