Raspberry Pi 3 + Retropie 3.6 + N64

Showing the more challenging side of N64 emulation on the Raspberry Pi and demonstrating the runcommand Menu for RetroPie

I promise if I make a 3rd video I’ll get better lighting….

Cruisin’ USA w/gles2rice
Star Wars: Shadows of the empire w/gles2rice
Mario Tennis w/gles2rice

Raspberry Pi overclocked to 1.35GHZ
Overclock blog post: http://www.philtopia.com/?p=2187


6 reaktion på “Raspberry Pi 3 + Retropie 3.6 + N64”

  1. thanks for the video. your overclock settings are much appreciated. with star wars the game runs well but the screen constantly flashes. Do you know of any fixes for that?


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