6 reaktion på “Raspberry Pi 3 Running DREAMCAST Emulator Retropie Emulation Station”

  1. Hey buddy!
    Can you please test:
    "House of the Dead"
    "Bomberman Online"
    "San Francisco Rush 2049"
    "Fur Fighters"
    "Ms Pac Man Maze Madness"

    Those were the games I used to play when I had a Dreamcast console and I really wanna buy a RP3 only to play those one 😀

    Thanks a lot!

  2. i have only tried one rom and it was a homebrew game and it booted once and not after that. weird i know. i will try again with overclocking with the guid and a different rom. will update you of i getting it working. thanks for the quick response. wasnt wven finish with your video yet :)

  3. I could not get dreamcast running at stock settings. Do you have to overclock to get it to work? Seems like the emulator itself still needs some love but looks very promising. Power stone 2 is my game. Love it


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