RetroPie: Raspberry Pi 3 – Speed test – N64 / Dreamcast / PSX / SNES

Raspberry Pi 3 – Running retro games in RetroPie 3.6

Speed test of the following games on a Raspberry Pi 3.
This is using RetroPie 3.6 and no overclock on the Pi.

These games typically have run slowly before (most retro games and systems run fine!)

N64 (using mupen64plus with different video plugins)
Conkers Bad Fur Day
Mario Kart 64
Starfox 64
Super Mario 64
Super Smash Bros
Wipeout 64

Tekken 3
Wipeout 2097

Super Mario World 2 – Yoshis Island

Crazy Taxi
Sonic Adventure 2

See this video for RPi 1 vs RPi 2

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  1. The Pi3 has about the performance of a Tegra 3 Soc, maybe less CPU power but slightly better GPU performance.
    So expect about an Ouya level performance for emulation. Still pretty good for a tiny board that cost around 30-40 bucks.

  2. One thing to know about the Raspberry Pi is it is good to get a nice micro SD card such as a class 10 SD card. I had a cheaper SD card and it took a long time to do updates and upgrades. Having a faster SD card makes a huge difference when waiting for upgrades and installing packages.

  3. I just got mine, and it's working pretty nice. Did you have any issues with the on board wifi? I've read there are some problems, but honestly i didn't experience any of them. can you point me in the direction of some good xbmc kodi repos? i don't really know anything about kodi.

  4. Have you had any problems with the built in bluetooth and the 8BitDo controllers? I followed your tutorials to a tee for the RPi3 but ended up just using a USB bluetooth adapter because the built in one wasn't found. Thanks for these videos they're really informative and worth subscribing to!

  5. Thank you so much, Floob, great video. One small problem I'm having with the Xbox controllers on 3.6…. when I load the Xbox drivers from the Retropie script and reboot, the main controller defaults to "gamepad 3" so the actual games I try do not work as it's not recognising it as the primary controller, although the emulationstation main menu itself is fine!!! Any idea for a quick fix fro this? many thanks in advance…. p.s. was working fine previously with 3.3……

  6. Im curious about GBA emulation, gpsp its fast but inaccurate and unable to boot some games, mgba and vba are more accurate but unplayable on rpi2, does the rpi3 can handle those?

  7. i'm loving these videos and love how you make it so informative, is it possible to do a Daphne video on how to get it started and how to upload the rom's cause I'm confused how to upload Dragon's Lair and would prefer you to demonstrate since you did an excellent job with the PS3 Bluetooth video!!!

  8. You mentioned you didn't overclock, but when setting up my Pi 3 with RetroPie it said that option wasn't available when I went into the setup menu. I assume that's a temporary situation (that the script will eventually be adapted for the Pi 3)?

  9. I tried connecting my PS3 controller and Bluetooth keyboard to the built in Bluetooth on my PI3 non of them worked have you tried getting the built in Bluetooth to work with Retropie

  10. Hey floob. I have a couple of different pi2s I've been working on and yesterday, I decided to try starting Secret of Mana w/ my friends (I haven't actually been playing with them).

    My Retropie that I had worked on the most had consistently bad framerate, but my Recalbox played the game smoothly with lag spikes and had much better shading and resolution as well (I had chosen manually for both). The issues might've been caused by an insufficient power source, but regardless, the fact that they played so drastically different is leading me to believe that Recalbox is just a better version of Retropie. Smash 64 also ran much better on Recalbox. It'd be nice if you could do a comparison between the 2 os' to prove I'm not crazy. Thanks and great video as always.


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