Grand Theft Auto Professional Account Modification (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC)


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Legitimate Online Stats (Reduces ban rates to almost null) • Time spent online as character • Time spent walking • Time spent driving • Time wanted by police • Time swimming • Amount of Kills • Amount of Deaths • Kill/Death Ratio • Races Won • Races Lost • Team Deathmatch/Deathmatch Wins • Team Deathmatch/Deathmatch Losses Account tailored to your needs • Any Rank Level • Any Amount of Cash • Unlocked all • All Skills to 100% • Unlock all shops • Unlock tattoos • Unlock ammunation • Unlock All Gun Camos • Unlock All Parachutes • Unlimited Ammo(15k ammo)(PS3) • Unlock All DLC Clothes • Custom Car Number Plate(any car) • 20 x DLC cars for next-generation (FULLY UPGRADED) Extra Unlocks + Mods • All Pegasus purchased! • All Military purchased! • All Guns purchased! • Unlock iLL-gotten-gains-2 cars & weapons DLC • Unlock Valentines DLC • Unlock New Year DLC • Unlock Independence Day DLC • Remove player reports • Remove Bad Sport • Unlock All Los Santos Customs Upgrades! • 2 billion fireworks (PS3) • 2 billion snacks & smokes (PS3) • 2 billion armor! (PS3) • 100% lung capacity • 100% modded stealth • 100% modded flying skills • 100% modded strength • Invisible outfit! • Any modded outfit • Police outfit + matching hat • Duffle Bag on any outfit! • Any DLC car in your garage! (PS4/XboxONE/PC DLC cars) + Modded Combat Rolls!Please visit WWW.POGOHDD.WIX.COM/MODSHOP for full information regarding how it works —- (all purchases must be made on Amazon) —- After your purchase, you will be sent a message in your Amazon so please check your Amazon inbox regularly to speed up the delivery process. Thank you.


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